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East Bay Boiled Peanuts Insta Pot

Updated: Apr 19

2 lbs of Green Peanuts

3 Tablespoons of East Bay Seasoning

2 Tablespoons of Pink Himalayan Salt

Water to fill the Insta Pot

Take the 2 pound

s of green peanuts and soak the peanuts in cool water for 30 minutes and then rinse vigorously in a colander to remove any dirt. Once drained add the green peanuts, East Bay Seasoning, and Pink Himalayan Salt and cover with water to the fill line. Stir to incorporate the seasoning and salt into the water. Place the lid on the Instant Pot and set to pressure cook for 1 hour. Once the hour is up let it rest for 30 minutes before venting. Once vented, remove the lid, stir and serve to friends and family!

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