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Our Story

Coastal inspired flavors made to share.






The Play House Spices Mission: 

To inspire people to create their own flavor experiences; Push beyond common flavors; Seek, Explore,  and Taste.  Test your boundaries and Share. 

Our story:

Passions collide. When I first met my husband, it was hard to believe someone loved off-beat flavor as much as I did. I loved to cook and entertain and he did too.  When it came to creating amazing food, instead of a scorched  skillet competitive show-down, we began to combine our skills and, somehow, it totally worked. My instinct for crazy flavor combinations was a targeted matched for his restaurant expertise. We created flavors that our friends could not find anywhere else. Our product is that of : Combined Inspiration;  Out of the Norm Flavor; Pride in our Coastal Communities; and a Desire to  Share . 

This endeavor began over two years ago before we were married. It started as a wish or what seemed an unreachable goal. Now that we have officially "launched", we are in awe that it has finally happened. We hope you enjoy your Playhouse experience. There is definitely more PLAY to come!


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